Measurement Guide

How To Measure for Privacy Curtains

How to Measure for Privacy Curtains

  1. Measure from the ceiling to the floor, unless the track is suspended below the ceiling. If suspended, measure from the top of the suspended track to the floor and indicate so.
  2. Indicate the type of track such as EZ-Glide, flexible or pre-hooked track.
  3. Measure the length of the track including all bends and curves and indicate each layout on our worksheet.
  4. If the track length is under 10 feet, then add at least 1 foot to the curtain width. For tracks over 10 feet add 2 feet minimum to the curtain width.
  5. Consider standardizing finished curtain widths to allow for easy interchangeability within units during maintenance. Our consulting staff can assist with this process. For example, if an area has 3 curtains that are 16’ wide and 1 that is 14’ wide, consider making them all 16’ wide.

Download a complete measurement guide