Permanent Overview

The Handshield®

The Hand Shield

Our Permanent Solution

Affixed to newly constructed curtains or retrofitted to existing curtains, the permanent application is made of a heavy-duty healthcare approved material with inherent antimicrobial, anti-fungal and stain resistant properties. The advantage of this option is that it can be cleaned in place as part of the scheduled room cleaning process in seconds.



The Permanent Hand Shield PAT US9144340 is a sustainable solution that creates ...

  • A permanently integrated handhold area on both ends of a curtain.
  • An opportunity for daily cleaning in as little as 10 seconds using a variety of fabric safe cleaning solutions including sanitizing sprays and cloths.
  • A surface strong enough to last the lifetime of the curtain even with routine washing.
  • Inherent antimicrobial, antifungal and flame resistant protection.
  • Retrofitted opportunities on existing curtains, as well as integration on any newly constructed curtains.