Curtain Processing Requirements

Curtains with the Permanent Hand Shield PAT US9144340 application should be processed according to the wash and care instructions provided by the fabric manufacturer, but not exceed the following limitations; machine wash in temperatures not exceeding 160°F (Degrees Fahrenheit) and tumble dry for 3-5 minutes on SYNTHETIC cycle (120°F) until damp dry and remove immediately. Re-hang curtain at termination of drying cycle. DO NOT EXTRACT OR MANGLE. DO NOT expose to bleach or any other chemicals that interact or damage vinyl or synthetic fabrics. Improper laundering may permanently damage the product, cause wrinkling or significantly reduce the life of the product. Wrinkling may occur, although it will have no adverse effect on fabric properties. Gas powered dryers have the ability to exceed these limitations even on low settings and are not recommended for use on any curtains.

Contact Curtain Care Plus directly for any questions regarding use or care.