Sure-Chek Shower Curtains

Sure-Chek® Shower Curtains are the current healthcare industry standard that provides wash areas, shower stalls, and tubs with the extra protection they need. These curtains are extremely durable, environmentally friendly, decorative and easy to maintain. Sure-Chek® Shower Curtains are stain resistant and easy to clean using soap and water or mild cleaners.

Sure-Chek® Shower Curtains are made out of 10-guage vinyl giving them the ability to withstand wear and tear when properly maintained. Formulated with a long-lasting antistatic property, Anstat®, Sure-Chek® Shower Curtains are free of electrostatic charges that can interfere with the functioning of medical equipment. In addition, Sure-Chek® Shower Curtains self-extinguish when a source of flame is removed, making them environmentally friendly and safe.

Sure-Check Shower Curtains


  • Resist stains from most oils, greases and contaminants which can be easily removed with soap and water or mild cleansers.
  • Resist combustion and self-extinguish when the source of a flame is removed.
  • Formulated with an enduring antistatic property, Anstat®, that prevents the build-up and retention of electrostatic charges that can interfere with sensitive medical equipment.
  • Incorporated active protection against odor forming bacterial growth.
  • Durable enough to withstand severe wear and tear, extending the curtain’s life.



  • Available in 7 contemporary colors with a crisp linen texture.
  • Whisper Mesh™ can be included to enhance appearance.
  • Constructed in any custom size with your choice of standard grommets that support breakaway hooks, built-in hooks for bar mounting or Velcro for quick detachment.
  • Standard widths include 56”, 70”, 84”, and 112”.
  • Can be used for other applications, such as equipment covers.


Standard Sizes

Standard heights up to 71” high in railroad construction. Larger heights available based on mesh or panel construction. Customer sizes are available.


Item is available with either grommet, pre-hook mounting clip, or Velcro. Mesh up to 48” tall may be included to increase the standard height. Railroad or panel construction available.


Sure-Chek® is a 10 gauge 100% Vinyl material (excludes mounting hardware or stitching). The material is formulated with an enduring anti-static property called Anstat® that is non-breathable and should not be used in areas where choke hazard is possible.

Flame Resistance

Sure-Chek material is designed to resist combustion and will self-extinguish when the source of a flame is removed.

Routine Cleaning

Designed for clean-in-place convenience. Any soils or stains that may accumulate on the fabric’s surface should be removed as necessary. Use of neutral soap and lukewarm water is preferred. Rinse with water and hand dry with towels or allow to air-dry. DO NOT launder or use harsh cleansers or solvents such as bleach.

Spot Cleaning

Spots can be cleaned by gently scrubbing with a rag or soft bristle brush. Rinse with water and hand dry with towels or allow to air-dry. DO NOT use bleach or harsh cleaners.