Shade Compliance Program

shade-compliance-program-1The Curtain Care Plus Shade Compliance Program™ sets a new healthcare industry standard for window treatment sanitization and maintenance. Our program is designed to work either in conjunction with our other programs or as a standalone service. The Shade Compliance Program creates a proactive solution for your window treatments before they can impact your patients and their perception of your facility.

Based on a fixed schedule of your choosing, Curtain Care Plus sanitizes every shade by applying a chemical to the vinyl materials and components. Further, our technicians will inspect and test each shade according to our performance standards. From there, our technicians will either make the necessary adjustments or repairs at the time of visit or prepare a corrective action plan for the extended services that may be needed. As our customer, you may elect to have certain services performed automatically.


  • Our professional staff documents the service of each shade per your annual schedule eliminating extra work for your staff.
  • The shade is completely sanitized with an EPA approved chemical solution. Alternative cleaners of your choosing may also be applied.
  • Proactive maintenance can extend the life of the shade by replacing faulty parts instead of the complete unit.
  • Safety is improved by identifying and correcting mechanical issues early.
  • Our Innovative scheduling program allows service to be coordinated with other projects, such as renovations.


  • You can chose which areas or departments to enroll in the program.
  • The annual frequency for service is generally twice per year for shades selected as part of the program.
  • Extended repairs, like clutch or fascia replacements, are quoted with the cost to replace the shade if needed.
  • Our compliance reporting system provides monthly reports as confirmation of our service.
  • Service is performed discreetly during normal work hours.