Discharge Curtain Service

discharge-curtain-service-1Curtain Care Plus’ Discharge Curtain Service is designed to provide next-level soft-surface sanitization services to our customers. In conjunction with our compliance programs, or as a stand alone service, we offer the same five-step proprietary sanitization process to standardize your facility.

Our service technicians will visit your location on a set schedule and pick up your soiled curtains from a predetermined location. The service technicians will then provide documentation of what was removed and return them during the following visit.

The Discharge Curtain Service can be coupled with our Curtain Compliance Program or can be a standalone service. However, it is recommended that both services are utilized so all of the curtains can be properly serviced in a timely matter. This ensures that all curtains are treated with long-lasting antimicrobials, are wrinkle free and look their best.