Measurement Guide

How To Measure for Shades

How to Measure for Shades
How to Measure for Shades
  1. Mount Type – Indicate how the shade will be mounted. Options include a) wall mount, b) ceiling mount, or c) inside enclosure such as a window casing or wall enclosure.
  2. Height Measurement—This measurement represents the total height of the shade when fully open.
  3. Inside Measurement – This measurement is used to describe the minimum width measured inside an enclosure, such as a window casing, where the item will be installed inside the enclosure. Most shades are installed in this fashion. If the shade will be placed inside a walled in enclosure, provide an inside measurement for the enclosure.
  4. OPTIONAL Outside Measurement – This measurement is used to represent the finished size of a shade regardless of the inside measurement. This is typically provided when the shade will be wall mounted outside of an enclosure or for some reason the shade must be a specific size. Provide the actual measurement of the finished shade as it may extend past an enclosure that needs to be covered.

*All measurements should be in inches.

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