Designing Your Curtain

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Whether replacing or buying new curtains determine the track layout that is best suited for patient privacy and efficiency. Changing your track layout to better suit these goals will save money upfront and in the long run. Newer track options allow for quieter use and extremely low maintenance. With most tracks being as old as the last building renovation, their replacement can help improve the overall patient care environment.

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Determine the exact sizes and configuration of each curtain required. Consider standardizing your curtains into a small range of sizes to reduce maintenance costs down the road. For non-shower applications, incorporate at least 18 inches of mesh when the track is directly mounted to the ceiling (non-suspended) and check with any local requirements for fire code standards. We highly recommend that you opt for an additional 25-50% supply to accommodate for routine cleaning and emergency situations.

Curtain Care Plus Layout Guide

Now choose your fabric. In some cases your desire may be to match existing curtains, but you should also consider alternatives that may enhance the facility’s appearance while saving money. Curtain Care Plus works with all commercially available fabrics and ensures that they will meet flame retardency requirements, as well as the demands of daily use and processing. Our experts are available to assist you with your selection or to help match an existing pattern.

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Your choice in fabric and design will have a significant effect on the overall look, as well as on your budget. To help you in this process, we have selected some popular patterns that have been grouped into 3 categories based on their price range.

Premium Fabrics represent updated and more complex designs. (Price range: $$$)

Standard Fabrics represent contemporary color choices. (Price range: $$)

Value Fabrics represent an economy offering allowing you to get more for less. (Price range: $)



We work all commercial fabric providers. Ask about our partner programs with Interspec and Architex.