Curtain Care Plus Consultation

curtain-care-plus-consultation-1Items like curtains and tracks are costly assets that require periodic maintenance and eventual replacement. Most curtains and tracks in use can be traced back many years to a building’s original construction or to the last renovation project completed in a specific area. Although cubicle curtains are an important part of the clinical care environment providing privacy and noise reduction, they are often given little thought in the design process.

As healthcare privacy specialists, Curtain Care Plus’ staff is trained to identify practical solutions that:

1) Reduce your initial investment.

2) Perform longer and avoid early replacement.

3) Provide contemporary styling for years to come.

Layout Guide - One Example of How to Save 50%

A single cubicle curtain can be touched by thousands of patients, visitors and staff members each year. As the only item in a patient room that does not have a daily or per patient maintenance cycle, cubicle curtains affect both the patient care environment and your HCAHPS perception.

Curtain Care Plus’ consultants are experts in designing the best solutions for your facility that will allow you to stay within your budget and meet your clinical needs.

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