Alternative Track

Hookless Style Track

Tracks are available in standard lengths that are easy to install. Curtains can easily be removed from these tracks which saves time and effort when cleaning.


  • An optional Grabber device allows ladder-free changing of one panel at a time.
  • Track rails offer support every 2 feet while not interfering with the curtain movement.
  • Curtain height can be adjusted by up to 2 feet using plastic arms and extension tubes.
  • Easy snap modular panels make it quick to replace soiled panels.


  • Eliminates the need for traditional hooks, carriers and rollers.
  • Can be installed on any ceiling type, including hard ceilings and grid drop ceilings, and can be integrated to existing tracks as a retrofit application.
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Flexible Track

Flexible Tracks are available in four standard lengths and can be easily bent into any shape. They are easy to install and work well with any ceiling type. Due to their flexibility and functionality, Curtain Care Plus’ Flexible Curtain Tracks ensure privacy in any hospital setting.

Flexible Track Features:

  • Made of a 99% recycled aluminum core.
  • Flexible enough to take on any unique shape.
  • Single screw access for carrier maintenance.
  • Carriers move quietly and easily on track.
  • Available in four standard lengths.

Flexible Track Benefits:

  • Extra durable and lightweight track.
  • Allows for any length and radius bend required eliminating the use of a splice.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be installed to any ceiling type, including regular and flush ceilings.
Flexible Track